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the boss ladies podcast 🎙 

Welcome to The Boss Ladies Podcast, where Manasi and Sualeha crowdsource knowledge by providing a platform for impact-oriented womxn to share their authentic journeys

Our Story

We are two teens who met through a STEM & social entrepreneurship program for high school students near the end of 2020 and are now working towards tackling some of the world's most challenging problems through our personal projects, from education to women's health.

Alongside one of our former co-hosts, we initially led a women's issues committee within our own community of ambitious young women. We were inspired to build The Boss Ladies Podcast because of our desire to engage in dialogue around typically unspoken difficulties and experiences that affect women of all backgrounds.

Since our launch on International Women's Day last March, we have strengthened the belief that amplifying a diverse array of voices and exploring individual women's stories is so powerful on its own. Uncovering these authentic journeys and learning from these women through meaningful conversations is what we found to be the most empowering for ourselves, and we wanted to continue to share that with the world and enable others to continue to learn alongside us!

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