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Our Values

1. Human-Centric Impact

We value human connection deeply and are both impact-oriented in all the work that we do. The importance we place on human connectivity is best exemplified by our desire to build a supportive community and to spread messages that provide insight and resonate with our audience members.

2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

3. Intellectual Curiosity & Growth

A common thread in the work that we have both chosen to pursue is focusing on problems related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, considering our involvement in projects spanning from educational equity to implicit bias, and women’s health. We value speaking with women from a diverse array of backgrounds and ways of life because we thoroughly believe that the ability to see yourself in another person’s story is incredibly powerful.


We are building a platform that is representative of all populations by showcasing the diverse stories of inspiring changemakers. Through this mission, we continue to demonstrate that women’s experiences are not monolithic.

 We seek to understand our world at a deeper level through the process of growing through learning. We have the desire to expand our breadth of knowledge by seeking a diverse array of perspectives. When it comes to mental models, we value data-driven decision-making and interdisciplinary thinking. At our core, we have a commitment to improving ourselves as people by challenging our boundaries of possibility and through constant reflection of our identities

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